It’s a good camera…

It’s a busy week. All three of us are preparing to go to the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference next week and show off our research, which means that we have to make our research look good enough to show off. It’s a good thing the HiRISE team keeps releasing fantastic images so that I have something to post until we get to the conference. (we will be blogging about the conference as much as possible… stay tuned!)

Check out this picture. That’s the Earth and the Moon, as seen from Mars by the HiRISE camera. As you can see, that is a mighty fine telescope. Click the picture to learn more…


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One Comment on “It’s a good camera…”

  1. rockhound Says:

    It’s a darn fine camera, but I mainly wanted to say that I am really looking forward to any blog postings you folks can make from LPSC 2008, since I can’t attend the conference this year. Thanks.

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