Google + Virgin Galactic = Mars Colony

Big news! Google has teamed up with Virgin to form Project Virgle: the first human colony on Mars. It’s great to see companies like Google and Virgin looking toward the future and getting involved in space exploration. They certainly have the money to do it, and I think more and more of them are realizing that the publicity and potential revenue are well worth the initial cost.


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6 Comments on “Google + Virgin Galactic = Mars Colony”

  1. Oh heck yeah! Send ME to Mars!!! After seeing how well they are treated on Earth, and how many liberties they get to trample over, oh, and how many people they usurp and steal freely from, please allow to ME to travel to Mars and be one of the first Martian ILLEGAL ALIENS!!!

    Just wanted to say I love you guys at Google! You’re a freakin’ awesome bunch of overpaid nerds! Please hire me so I can join my brothers! =P


  2. Atlas Says:

    I really hope this is not some April Fools joke, because it would be pretty sweet

  3. Ben Ruskin Says:

    I so wish this were true. This is the kind of private sector collaboration we need.

  4. Clement Says:

    What’s extremely amusing is that you fail to see that this is the biggest April Fool’s joke google has ever made. And in this case the fool is you mwahaha!
    (Read this

  5. Ryan Says:

    Actually, I was doing what is called “playing along”. What’s the fun in ruining the joke for the people who are seeing this site before going to the Virgle site?

  6. Clement Says:

    Sorry – I’m the ass :(

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