Dust Devils at the Phoenix Landing Site

It’s finals week in Cornell-land, so I apologize for the lack of posting. As always, I will sate your appetites with a picture. This time, it is an image from the context camera (CTX) on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, showing giant dust devils near the landing site for Phoenix. Coolness! Phoenix is landing on May 25 (only 18 days left!), and will probably be able to catch a glimpse of dust devils like these from the ground. Emily has more thoughts on this over at the Planetary Society blog.

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One Comment on “Dust Devils at the Phoenix Landing Site”

  1. GREAT news… my mind is now full of Phoenix images showing a flat, flat landscape, dotted here and there with rocks and boulders, all casting looooong shadows as the Sun sets… the Sun itself is surrounded by a beautiful, mother-of-pearl halo, and far away a dust devil whirls and whorls its way slowly along the horizon…

    Tick tick tick…!! :-)

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