What job would you do in space?

CNN has a weird quiz to help you find out. Apparently I’m the biodome gardener. Sounds fun to me, though my houseplants here on earth tend to either dry out or die from overwatering…

Apparently this is part of a snazzy site that CNN is running called “Just Imagine“. The idea seems to be to speculate what life will be like in 2020. I don’t know how this made it onto CNN, but it’s awesome! Check it out!

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5 Comments on “What job would you do in space?”

  1. Briony Says:

    I’m the shuttle pilot!

  2. DEChengst Says:

    Space Janitor and interplanetary hero..

  3. Dusty Says:

    Basically just float around, sometimes accumulating into accretions.

    My likes: Fan blades, heat sinks, coils of any type, corners, unused areas, and the like.
    Dislikes: Vacuums, brooms, air cleaners, filters etc..

    Will work for FREE!

  4. Victor Says:

    Well, i just can’t understand it,
    but i’d be biodome gardner as well
    too for someone who doesn’t like trees very much

  5. Kevin Says:

    I’m a gardener also…

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