Dusk at Cape Verde

Hello everyone! I am back from my adventures in Hawaii, and have learned a lot about volcanism and conducted some valuable research on the consistency of Hawaiian beach sand… I have a bunch of emails to catch up on before making a real substantive post, but I couldn’t resist sharing the latest view of Cape Verde from Opportunity. This mosaic was taken at dusk after the sun had set, and the diffuse lighting gives a great view of the details of the cliff wall. It took a lot of careful image processing because of the dust on Pancam’s windows, and changes in the brightness of the sky, but the result is spectacular! Take a look (click for full res).

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5 Comments on “Dusk at Cape Verde”

  1. Kevin Says:

    the link to full res seems broken

  2. Ryan Says:

    Odd, the link works for me. Is anyone else having trouble?

  3. Kevin Says:

    Well, it’s working now. Strange.

  4. Rob Dunstan Says:

    The link “appeared” to be broken, because the image is so huge and starts in the top left hand corner, which is featureless white (so it looks like a blank screen). Once you start scolling, the detail is awesome.

    I love this image. I’m a writer, and this image just fills me with wonder and curiosity. The cliff looks like it might have the consistancy (relatively speaking) of scrunched up brown sugar — possibly very fragile. The cliff edge (top right) has broken pieces on top of broken pieces. It’s a landscape suitable for a Wile E. Coyote movie.
    There’s an area near the base of the cliff (towards the left) with a big carvernous crack, and the sand decending from the gab appears smooth, as if from a flow of water. Beautiful images: it really gets the imagination fired up.

  5. Rob Dunstan Says:

    Please excuse my spelling. For some reason, I never check my entries for spelling before I hit SEND.

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