What Makes Volcanoes Erupt?

The local newspaper here in Ithaca posts weekly science questions, with answers from experts at Cornell. I’ve answered a couple of questions about astronomy in the past, but that’ not why I’m mentioning it. I mention it because today’s question ties in nicely with my recent volcanothemed posts! So if you want to know why volcanoes erupt, check it out!

Edit: It looks like the Ithaca journal link is broken now, but here is a link to another site briefly describing why volcanoes erupt.

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5 Comments on “What Makes Volcanoes Erupt?”

  1. Alexis Says:

    what is that:p

    I clicked on it and it says ‘no website realted’

    where is it!!!!!!!!what makes volcanoes erupt!!!!!!geez

  2. Breanna Says:

    this is krakatau and it erupted in 1883.
    it is also located on in island called Sunda Stright.
    i have to do a research paper on it for school.

  3. James Rae Says:

    Do you hold copyright on this image as I would like to publish it in a report we are working on.

    • Ryan Says:

      Nope, I found it on a Google image search. I don’t remember where I found it… but as far as I’m concerned go ahead! :)

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