A Future Robotic Explorer?

We need to send one of these to Mars.

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4 Comments on “A Future Robotic Explorer?”

  1. Infamousginger Says:

    This is the coolest guy I have ever seen. It looks like Battlebots on steroids. I especially like the bit where she falls down on the ice and recovers. The skipping and jumping at the end was good too. But do you think the indigenous citizens on the Red Planet will be damaged by the annoying whine?

  2. afeder Says:

    Whoa, for a little while I thought that it was either a human actor or something out of a Star Wars movie. Amazing to see it stabilize when kicked or slipping on ice.

  3. Bob Buckley Says:

    That’s really impressive, especially when it’s untethered. It looks and sounds like a giant fly!
    I’m guessing the challenge will be to make it solar powered and able to withstand the sub-arctic temperatures on Mars. My hunch is it will be in the Army long before it signs up for NASA.

  4. Briony Says:

    this is creepy and awesome.

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