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6 Comments on “VOTE”

  1. philw1776 Says:

    I am shocked, just SHOCKED that college grad students are all for THE ONE! What ever happened to diversity? Enjoy spending my family’s ‘redistributed wealth’.

  2. Ryan Says:

    Let’s go point by point.

    First, you should not be shocked that college grad students in the sciences are in favor of Obama. Young people are typically more liberal, as are people with more education, as are people in planetary science. I know you’re being sarcastic but let me list a few reasons that I support Obama here: He has run a respectful race based on the issues rather than scare tactics. His answers to the science debate questions were better thought out and generally better for science in this country. He treats the citizens of this country as intelligent adults. He has shown a willingness to listen to advice and change his policies accordingly, his plan for NASA being an excellent example. He does not let his religion interfere with his policies. He displayed calm in the face of an economic disaster and presented a well thought out plan with how to make things better, while McCain did some grandstanding. McCain thinks planetarium projector are “frivolous”. Palin thinks nobel-prize-winning genetics research is not worth funding and wants to teach creationism in our schools. I could go on.

    “What ever happened to diversity?”
    Well, I just voted to put a black man in the oval office today.

    I’m amused by the whole “redistributed wealth” attack. As if a) it is bad for people making more than $250,000 to pay more taxes and b) as if McCain’s tax program doesn’t also “redistribute the wealth”. If you are making more than a quarter million per year, you can afford to pay more and let the other 90% of americans pay less. You won’t be able to buy that extra flat screen TV, but some family might be able to afford food and new clothes.

    It’s interesting to me that you call Obama “the one”. I’ve also heard conservatives call him things like “the savior”, “the messiah”, etc. I’ve never heard a democrat call him that. All the liberals that I talk to see him as clearly the better choice but none are under the impression that by electing him, all problems will immediately be solved.

    It’s also interesting that you posted your comment on this entry, in which I do not mention either candidate at all. I’ve made other posts that mention my support for Obama, but you chose to leave an angry comment here, where all I am doing is asking people to vote and providing information on how to find their polling place.

    It’s fine for you to let off steam, but maybe the comment section of a post encouraging citizens to do their civic duty isn’t the best place for that.

  3. Clara Says:

    I,ve posted about the king.
    Now we have another king in the house, let`s not spoil him.
    I was really afraid for us all, the world i mean, if Mc Cain and that terrible woman Pallin won.
    I see that we can trust in north american capacity to think, to decide, to change. Let`s HOPE for the best.
    Congratulations America!

  4. philw1776 Says:

    As can be seen by the adamant reply, I can see that dissent against THE ONE is not to be tolerated.

    1st. As to your erroneous claim about Obama and his religion, Obama stated that ‘his religion’ made him oppose the gay marriage initiative in CA.

    2. ‘Diversity of opinion’ that is not doctrinaire liberal progressive is not allowed. I get it.

    3. Families who don’t get free rides to college need to save their hard won earnings, not have them confiscated to buy votes and ‘flat screen TVs’ for the 40% of the populace who pay NO income taxes.

  5. Ryan Says:

    Obama opposes gay marriage on religious grounds, but said that he was against amending the CA state constitution and taking away the right for Gays to be married in California. That sounds to me like he’s not imposing his religious beliefs on others, and I like that.

    Diversity of opinion is allowed, but come with facts to back it up rather than wild accusations. If diversity of opinion was really not allowed, I would just censor your comments because you have different views. I won’t do that. I will censor disrespectful comments.

    I think you’ve missed the point about the taxes. Wealthy Americans make more money, and therefore can afford to be taxed more heavily. I don’t see what the problem is there. Should a billionaire pay the same in taxes as a single working mother who’s below the poverty line?

    I’m not sure where the bit about free rides to college came from. I didn’t have a free ride, and I did not get financial aid. If I interpret your comment correctly, you’re implying that wealthy Americans need to scrimp and save to send their kids to college, but poor Americans do not and that they would spend any money saved on frivolous things.

    Income taxes are not spent to “buy votes”, except in the sense that there is publicly financed campaigning. Obama chose to forgo that in favor of individual donations, and the groundswell of support for his campaign is why he won.

  6. teadrinker Says:

    Obama brings hope, which is often more than enough to make
    things happen for the better.

    McCain and Palin would have meant another 4 to 8 years of
    Bush II and Cheney’s legacy of stupidity, corruption, and worse.

    I for one was not going to watch my nation go completely down
    the toilet thanks to those thugs.

    So go Obama and ignore the people who are still stuck in the past.

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