Blogging from the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting


Tomorrow I’m heading to San Francisco along with 15,000 other scientists to participate in the 2008 fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU). Yes, you read that right: fifteen thousand scientists in one place.  This will be my first AGU and my first time in San Francisco so I’m excited. There’s tons of planetary science stuff scheduled, and I will be taking notes and blogging as much as possible during the meeting. I’ll also be presenting a poster about my work with the North Meridiani and Gale Crater potential landing sites for MSL, which is why this week has been a little light on blogging: I’ve been running around trying to get my poster finished and write papers and study for finals. Happily all of that is done now and next week will be a blogging bonanza. Stay tuned!

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One Comment on “Blogging from the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting”

  1. danielle Says:

    Very exciting!
    There are a lot of good presentations lined up for this meeting! What a great opportunity!
    And San Fran is awesome!
    Mini PDF of the poster available?
    Good luck!

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