If you are tired of reading about Mars and planets (I don’t know how you could be, but I suppose it could happen) then you should go check out the new blog about the ALFALFA survey, started by another group of grad students here at Cornell. They use the Arecibo radio telescope (yes, the one in Goldeneye) to look at thousands and thousands of galaxies and do science that blows my provincial solar-system oriented mind. Go check it out!

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5 Comments on “ALFALFA Blog!”

  1. Clara Says:

    Isn`t it also the one in “Contact”?

  2. Ryan Says:

    Yep! And it’s actually used as a radio telescope in Contact! I mentioned Goldeneye specifically because more people associate it with that movie, and because Sabrina wrote a neat post about the misconceptions in Goldeneye’s version of Arecibo, which I linked to.

  3. valhalla Says:

    You mean Arecibo can’t go underwater and isn’t run by evil henchmen and a beautiful Russian babe?

    Oh man….

  4. abd elhakim Says:

    hahahaha…. i got one biger then that on the top of my house.

  5. Kircho Shtr Says:

    Also this magnificent engineering miracle is part of the well-known for most of us serial – The X-Files :D

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