Disney’s “Mars and Beyond”

I just stumbled across this awesome Disney cartoon from 1957 over at the Tor.com blog. It’s worth watching just for the various bizarre aliens, but is also surprisingly informative about the history of astronomy, the origin of earth and life, and our fascination with life on Mars. Also note how they call galaxies “island universes”.

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5 Comments on “Disney’s “Mars and Beyond””

  1. onomar Says:

    Thank you very much for posting this beautiful film. I psasted your website to my blog of 2009/09/12.

  2. Maurice Says:

    Thank you for posting these Disney videos. I had not seen them since age 10 and they allowed me to recall a more innocent time when money and budgets were not the chief concern.

  3. Victor de Souza Magalhães Says:

    Awesome videos,
    This makes me like Disney even more,
    and the content of the video is so ahead of its time,
    that it’s quite unbelieveable.


  4. JefFlyingV Says:

    I can just faintly remember these Disney Tunes. Howdy Ryan.

  5. Carstairs Says:

    You can also find these and other Disney space-themed documentaries on YouTube.

    Just enter Disney Mars in the search box and you will find the other ones in the process.

    Thanks for posting this. They certainly do deserve recognition and show how much most modern science documentaries seem like tin in comparison to Disney’s gold.

    The Big Mouse gets dumped on way too much. The world might have been a better place if we had followed Walt’s visions back in the day. See what he had really planned for EPCOT, for example.

    You kids really do not know what you are missing.

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