Welcome to Mars! … I mean, Syndey


Last week a dust storm swept its way from the Australian outback and blanketed Sydney with orange dust. The dust storm was pretty large for Earth: 500km x 1000 km, and unusual in that it managed to reach Sydney instead of petering out in the outback. The Big Picture has a great series of photos of the storm, many of which look remarkably martian (if you ignore the water and trees and people …). I can’t help imagining these photos as reports from martian colonists weathering a storm that lasts for months instead of just a day and covers the entire planet, not just a small patch.

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4 Comments on “Welcome to Mars! … I mean, Syndey”

  1. Giovanni Fornazieri Says:

    What storm… It could be on Mars, Tatooine or any desert world.

  2. infamousginger Says:

    Holy typo, Batman, check your spelling in the title.

  3. Great link Ryan – loved the time lapse pics from clear to dusty to clear. Will be sending the link to some family members who live on the E Coast.

    It’s likely that most of the dust came from the lake Eyre basin. But I bet the degraded Murray Darling Basin areas added their fair share. It’s good – especially for people ‘isolated’ in cities – to be reminded of the awesome unstoppable power when natures stirs, even slightly, from expected norms.

    And hey, when we get dust storms around here (Alice Springs – Central Australia) they don’t rate a mention….. so we might as well be on Mars!!

    Really enjoy checking out your blog from time to time – and I do have a few good dust storm yarns but too long to get into them here!!


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