Black Hole Starships?

Do you ever get tired of science fiction stories using black holes to solve every imaginable problem? (I’m looking at you, new Star Trek.) Well, if so, you should not go take a look at my inaugural article for Universe Today, in which I report on a couple of physicists who calculated that a future civilization might be able to create black holes and then use them as powerplants to launch interstellar voyages.

While you’re not looking at things that I wrote, you should also not go and vote for my MSL: Mars Action Hero article which compares MSL to James Bond. Voting is open until the 23rd and you could vote every day if you were going to go read the article and if you liked it. Just sayin’.


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2 Comments on “Black Hole Starships?”

  1. Chgowiz Says:

    Sounds like the starship Event Horizon. And we all know how THAT ended up… ;-)

  2. What a fun story!

    Relatedly, check out the LHC essay in the Dec 19 issue of Science News. I think you’ll like it.

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