If Earth had Rings

There’s a great video making the rounds showing what it would look like if Earth had a ring system like Saturn’s, including some gorgeous views from the ground. Of course, rings probably wouldn’t be stable with our moon, or at least would look very different, but that doesn’t take away from the coolness of this video. Enjoy!

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6 Comments on “If Earth had Rings”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    They also show the light side of the rings only. The rings look like scaled down Saturn’s rings, so during local winter, the B-ring-analog will be dark, and cause darkness when the Sun is behind it.

    • Ryan Says:

      Yeah, it would have been cool to show some ring “eclipses”. I guess the rings would make winters even colder because they would block some of the sunlight…

  2. Joe Says:

    Here’s where I think the gaps ought to show up if they were lunar resonances:

    Of course, that assumes the ring somehow forms after the Moon is in its present position.

  3. Sankey Blanton Says:

    Around most of the planets in the solar system, there are rings. The gravitational effects of shepherding moons are thought to be critical for maintenance of rings. Most inner rocky planets are anomalies; Venus has no moon, Mercury is too close to Old Sol to hold on to anything, and the two captured asteroids around Mars are too small and in retrograde motion, which should just about clear out any loose dust before they crash into the surface and throw up another temporary ring – unfortunately not in our lifetime.

    The bottom line is that we will never know about an Earth ring unless we look for it. Find it first and work out the physics of its creation, circulation, perturbations, and resupply. In science, the hypothesis that there is ‘nothing-to-look-for’ is generally not acceptable until after a serious search has been done.

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