Model Mars Landscapes!

Check out these spectacular new photos of Mars! It certainly looks like the rovers have stumbled upon some more interesting terrain! The only catch is, these aren’t pictures of Mars at all, they are photographs of models made of, among other things, paprika, chili powder, and charcoal. They are the work of Matthew Albanese, and you need to go check out some of his other photographs. There are steel-wool tornadoes, faux-fur fields, and this spectacular glowing volcano:

(Hat tip to Ann Martin, fellow Cornell Astronomer and blogger at the ALFALFA blog for sharing the link to these pictures!)

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6 Comments on “Model Mars Landscapes!”

  1. Those are absolutely amazing. How’d he do that volcano?

  2. Joseph Says:

    Thanks for the tip! Those are really spectacular. The link is well worth following.

  3. Theron Says:

    Loved this blog. If you hadn’t said they were manmade images I never would have known.

  4. barriesgirl Says:

    The volcano photo is stunning! I just showed it to my friends and their eyes bugged out.

    Really enjoy your blog, too…

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